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Data Processing


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Data Analysis

Through Data Analysis you will be able to collect insights from different areas of your business. This service similar to the web services is available by project or subscription. For the project, a portion of companies will come to us with questions about how can they improve their marketing strategies, customer satisfaction, etc.

The process for it involves a discovery call where we want to understand your doubts and understand if data we need is provided by you or we require to gather it.

After the call, we will provide you with a timeline and a quote for the service with data analysis projects the timeline can be big depending on the project because that is common for us to divide the project into stages and we will send out an invoice for each stage this way making payment easier. At the final stage, we will provide you will all the insights we found as well as recommendations on how to proceed.

The subscription part of the service gives you a set amount of hours that can be used for any projects of your pick these hours can be accumulated to up to 3 months worth and this way be used in bigger projects. The subscription also includes:

  • Creation of Dashboards or Monthly Reports

  • Discounted Hourly Rate

  • Data Analysis subscription also includes Smart Business Solutions

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