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Why you need a website?

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

We all know websites are beneficial for business, but recently I have been thinking if that's the case for everyone and if it is how much a website impacts the business.

The answer to my first question is simple and direct. Yes, a website is beneficial no matter what business you run from selling goods in big cities to service providers in rural areas B2C or B2B all types of businesses are benefited from an online presence. Having a website not only is recommended but almost necessary nowadays. In 2021 19% of all sales were conducted online, which means that 1/5 of all transactions were online. An online website will work basically like a 24/7 salesperson attending to your customers and depending on how it is set up your website will be generating leads, answering questions and closing sales all at the same time.

Now the real question is how much a website impacts your business. This answer is not so direct since depending on what your business is selling the impact will be different for example people are more likely to buy clothes and accessories online than food online however it is still possible to sell both just the impact of a website that will be different. something else that will interfere is the shipping limitations. But with all that in mind, some studies point out that a website can boost your sales from 5% - 15%.

With all that in mind also keep that the quality of your website design and the optimization of your SEO will have a big influence on how much the website will impact your sales and for that reason, you might want an affordable website design for that to check out this page. Now we want to know from you the two questions below.

Do you already have a website?

  • Yes

  • No

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